The Terrain Is Everything: Six Ways to Reduce Risk of Colds and Flu

“THE MICROBE IS NOTHING.   THE TERRAIN IS EVERYTHING.”   –Louis Pasteurshutterstock_89460217

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At this time of year, many authorities remind us to get vaccinated against the flu, but fail to focus on many effective lifestyle measures to prevent infection.

Since we are told that those with weak immune systems may be at increased infection risk, it’s only logical that people who take specific steps to protect their immune system may be at decreased infection risk.

Meanwhile, many people are concerned about adverse side effects of vaccines and their ingredients. Additionally, most flu vaccines are not vegan.

Whether or not you choose to vaccinate, protecting and supporting your immune system is the best way to avoid infection, and minimize the duration and intensity of any infection that does occur.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

*The proper role of “soft technologies” in health

*How the essential parts of the infection process apply to daily life

*Why vaccines are not the “complete package” as commonly reported

*The six key diet and lifestyle measures to prevent/treat upper respiratory infections

*Effective ways to apply the recommendations

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The presenter, Mark Rifkin, has been vegan since 1986, and is a speaker at national events.
He’s been working with clients and plant-based diets for over ten years. See the About page for more details.
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