Personal Services

Due to popular demshutterstock_92815282and, I now offer nutrition counseling by phone and by VSee (a secure video application similar to Skype).  I’m here for YOU.                                 Your goals are my goals, whether you are

  • a veteran vegan who needs a nutrition checkup
  • in need of good choices while traveling
  • a new vegetarian trying to lose weight, or
  • someone just beginning to experiment with plant based diets as a result of health problems.

For more about me, please see the About.

If you’d like to address a health concern (such as weight management, high cholesterol, diabetes, anemia, etc), I will likely recommend getting blood tests when you first Contact me.  Among others, these may include:

  • Basic Metabolic Panel
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12 and MMA (methylmalonic acid)

If you’d like to address bone health, I will likely recommend a bone scan as well as the above.

To start the process, please Contact me and let me know

  • your health goals (to lose weight, go vegan, find good non-dairy calcium sources, etc)
  • your current eating pattern (vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore, etc)
  • your known challenges (eating schedule, confusion about a specific part of nutrition, etc)

Please note
I cannot diagnose your condition or disease. Only a primary provider you see in person can do that.
I may refer you to another skilled dietitian if you have

  • a suspected/diagnosed eating disorder
  • unplanned weight loss during cancer therapy, or
  • any of a few other specific conditions.

There is no fee to Contact me.  Once we agree to arrange a session, we will discuss fees.  My fees are:

  • for initial session – $90/hr, 30-minute minimum
  • for followup sessions – $40/half-hour, 30-minute minimum
    • two followup sessions can be grouped into a single 60-minute block at $80/hour, if desired

I also offer prepaid packages:

  • Initial (60 minutes) + 4 followup sessions (30 minutes each) – ONLY $195.  You save $55!
  • Initial (60 minutes) + 10 followup sessions (30 minutes each) – ONLY $345.  You save $145!

If you have financial limitations, please Contact me to work out an arrangement.   My goal is to help YOU.

Payment can be completed online through or by verbal credit card transaction.  Sorry, checks are not accepted.