Food and Nutrition as Medicine

Beans mealThe mind, body, emotions, spirit and environment are all part of a single whole person. Why not treat it as one? Our core principles focus on creating a balanced approach to a nutritious life. A true healthcare system focuses on prevention, which requires broad implementation of specific steps to avoid or delay chronic disease or disability. Disease not only brings stress, pain and discomfort, but also significant financial costs as well. Not only direct costs (medical bills, etc), but also indirect costs…Prevention reduces or eliminates these costs and the foundation of this philosophy is combining good eating habits with a real-life approach to nutrition.Most health conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and others are normally caused by lifestyle choices. Lifestyle change can provide many of the same benefits as chemical therapies or surgeries—at less cost, without a prescription, and with minimal risk of complications or dangerous side effects.

While I recognize that medications and surgery have a place in modern healthcare, I suggest beginning with a program of balanced nutrition—a safe and less invasive approach to good health. Through healthy nutrition and other lifestyle changes, together we can support your body’s natural ability to restore balance, treat disease, and heal itself.