Healthy Fats, Healthy Hearts: A Review of the Evidence

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Some heart-health authors have stated that liquid oils and high-fat whole plant foods, such as avocado, nuts and seeds, should be avoided by anyone with heart disease or seeking to prevent it. Many whole-food advocates are passionate about his guidelines, and are recommending them to others. Certainly some see this approach showing documented results, and we see a reinvigorated heart-health debate.
But is the picture we understand as simple as that?
Do all these foods present risks for heart health?   In this webinar, you’ll:* Identify the biological, sensory and nutrient roles of fats

* Analyze the studies cited by no-liquid oil proponents

* Understand how various dietary factors impact adverse effects of high-fat meals cited by no-oil proponents

* Consider other research evidence supporting the idea that olive and canola oils are harmless and possibly healthy

* Review guidelines for healthy selection, storage and use of oils in cooking and food prep

This webinar will be recorded.  All registrants (whether you attended live or not) will receive a link to listen to the recording.

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The presenter, Mark Rifkin, has been vegan since 1986, and is a speaker at national events.
He’s been working with clients and plant-based diets for over ten years. See the About page for more details.
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